How to use null_flavor in the flat format?

My template uses the Glasgow Coma scale.
The Ordinals in the Glasgow Coma scale archetype have a value and a null_flavor within the ELEMENT.
There seems to be a lot of different paths that are being generated for these, based on the tools used.

Using Better’s template designer and the paths generated by concatenating the ids on a webtemplate this was obtained:



However their respective AQL paths are:


And EHRBase webtemplates generated these paths:


What is the correct way to handle null_flavor using flatforms? What should be the path to the ordinal and the null_flavor?

For Better CDR…

"initial_assesment/glasgow_coma_scale_gcs/best_motor_response_m/_null_flavour|code": "271",

The following set of codes (or values) can be used:

  • 253: unknown
  • 271: no information
  • 272: masked
  • 273: not applicable

I have not tested it with Ehrbase.

There is an underscore too before null_flavor? _null_flavor and not null_flavor?

What about the path for posting the ordinal?

Any documentation or standardization for this? In fact, it was hard for me to find good documentation for flat formats too. Any proper resource?
I figured it out from here, how to represent an ordinal (probably really old):

This is supposed to have it for common data types, but misses out ordinal:

And the official documentation has some JAVA code to generate the paths, but I haven’t really used/tested them out. More explicit examples would definitely help people who’re starting out.

Some examples here …

"howru_score": [ {
            "pain_or_discomfort": [
                    "|code": "at0041",
                    "|value": "slight",
                    "|ordinal": 1

so ??


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We will further align with Betters implementation in EHRbase and will also provide more examples and better documentation. For example, we should add an integration/unit test with these use-cases as reference.

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