How to starty with OpenEHR if i already have clinical workflow implemented in Django server and MySql Database Backend

I already have a Django App which comunicates with MySql Database. This Database is crerated with the help of many experts in the field of oncology and specifically related to radiation oncology.
Now I want to integrate this system with OpenEHR.
Please suggest me how to proceed further

I think openEHR is not something that could be integrated but something that should be considered as part of the architectural design, but not of an application, but of a platform on top of which applications could be built.

Though, from the openEHR specifications there are many principles, ideas, best practices and even models, that could be taken as references to build systems and applications.

So I would suggest to start from studying the openEHR specs

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Hi @kundan25,

the approach would be to switch from your MySQL Database with your data model to an openEHR server that uses the data models (Archetypes) from the Clinical Knowledge Manager: Clinical Knowledge Manager

You can find a small tutorial here to learn how to get started: 2.1. openEHR Introduction — EHRbase documentation

I’m also recommending the YouTube videos from @Sidharth_Ramesh to learn more about the approach:


Btw, a gradual way to do this switch could be done, would be to first switch over to the CKM archetypes for the relevant concepts that have been “crerated with the help of many experts in the field of oncology and specifically related to radiation oncology”. Then create templates for the specific use cases. And propose new archetypes to CKM for radiation oncology models that are not yet available in CKM. Then try to update your current database to conform to the openEHR templates. Once you have done this for every model, a migration of data will be much easier.

But also the client apps will need to be significantly refactored to now process openEHR data.

It’s not an easy journey, but the reward will be great:

  1. having your data in a standardised vendor neutral format,
  2. based on world class archetypes by many international experts,
  3. many client apps, CDR’s and tools to choose from,
  4. no integration cost with other openEHR apps
  5. a flexible data platform CDR to built on for further

And finally a community that’s very willing to support you during this journey.

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Sure and I appreciate the quick help. Will go through the resources you have provided. Me and my team is very much interested in adapting to openEHR.
Once again thanks for your help. If needed will get back to you