How to search for datapoint rather than archetype etc

Is it possible to search for datapoints rather than archetypes, templates etc. within CKM. For example we are modelling our care in the last days of life process and have only found the Advanced care directive as an archetype in this area. So we want to look for text strings in datapoints, eg, ‘Dying’ ‘Alive’ ‘Last days’ etc. in order to find archetypes that might contain datapoints relevant to this process.

I usually use the full search provided by CKM to achieve that, a few false positives but should work. If that doesn’t suit you there is a github copy of CKM contents, maybe you can do full text searches there

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That works thanks - just unfamiliar with using CKM so good to know

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Hi Neill,

We should also have a conversation. We have a ton of content in the ACP/ Palliative care space that we have not put up into any of the CKMs yet - just lack of time and resource. But they are all shareable.

All data points should be in the context of some structure (in general a cluster or entry), without the context you don’t know what that data point is, means, its purpose, or how it should be used. Semantics and context are key in openEHR clinical modeling.

So the search should always start with the context, then dig to find specific data points.

The other thing to consider here is that very often these kind of value texts will be defined at template-level.

The example you used, we would store within a Prognosis archetype - older version here

and we used a slightly newer version of that archetype with this SNOMED valueset (in the template).

|845701000000104 | Gold standards framework prognostic indicator stage A (blue) - year plus prognosis
|845721000000108 |Gold standards framework prognostic indicator stage B (green) - months prognosis
|845751000000103 | Gold standards framework prognostic indicator stage C (yellow) - weeks prognosis
"|845771000000107 | Gold standards framework prognostic indicator stage D (red) - days prognosis 

We have just uploaded the full set of ROSI data models to and [a spreadsheet describing the whole dataset] (docs/design/ROSI dataset _ SNOMED mappings - v4.0.xlsx)