How to log in Better's Archetype Designer?

Today I know that the web site of Better’s Archetype Designer is moved to from

In the previous site test account was provided, but now is not and there is no registration menu.

Is it under construction or does it need other process?

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Seung-Jong Yu



Username: test
Password: t

is still available - I just checked.

The plan is to open up the Tool to new registrations - we are just working through those practicalities.


That is great news. I have an account in the one hosted at better. Will that be ported over or do we need to create new in the new location.

It has already been ported over @Dileep_V_S. We have committed to supporting existing Better Ehrscape accounts.

Thank you😁


Thank @ian.mcnicoll for explanation !

Hi we are just investigating some strangeness at

It should be a simple redirect from

but for some reason the logins are not working correctly.

so if anyone is having issues with

I suggest you use


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I faced this issue and assumed that these are separate instances.

Simple account management features such as change password and reset password would be useful