How to create GDL2 guideline based on ADL2 archetypes

Hi all,

Does anyone has experience with creating GDL2 files based on ADL2 archetypes. I tried doing this with the GDL2 editor, but it has a hard time interpreting the ADL2 archetypes created with the ADL workbench apps. Wondering if there are any othere tools I could use to achieve this. Or if I should just stick to ADL 1.4 Archetypes for now when wanting to create GDL2 files.



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I suspect for right now, you have to stick to ADL 1.4, but @rong.chen can advise better.

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I assumed that. Thanks for the quick reply Thomas!

How hard would it be to build adl2 support for gdl2? I’m interested in the features of gdl2. But building the engine is already quite a task I presume. Also having to build adl2 support will be quite a stretch, since we solve the simplest gdl usecases with adl rules right now.
Or is there an opensource (or commercially) available gdl engine?

Cambio has a commercial product. I think there may even be some nascent open source implementations as well. But you could start by bugging @rong.chen at Cambio CDS - he’s the expert.

I would not have thought upgrading the Cambio tools and engine to ADL2 would be that big a deal - especially if they use Archie libs.


ADL2 archetype support is on our roadmap for sure, and it will be quite straight forward to implement. Nearly all of our current development are still ADL1.4 based, I think the overall support for ADL2 need to catch up and it will take a while.

So for now, please use ADL 1.4 archetypes. If you don’t know already, here you find nearly 600 examples of GDL2 guidelines and archetypes in our open source project, GitHub - gdl-lang/common-clinical-models: Common clinical models in the forms of openEHR archetypes and GDL guidelines.