How to create demographic archetypes with LinkEHR

Hi, I’m using LinkEHR to create demographic archetypes.

I have created a PERSON archetype and can model the PERSON.details: ITEM_STRUCTURE field, but it is not possible to archetype the PERSON.contacts.addresses.details: ITEM_STRUCTURE or PERSON.identities.details: ITEM_STRUCTURE fields.

I can see in linkehr/data/rm/openEHR/DEMOGRAPHIC/archetypes/PERSON.adl that the fields are there, but can’t access them from the GUI to add constraints.

Any clues about this? @yampeku @damoca

UPDATE: I was able to add a constraint for PERSON.identities but I needed to edit the ADL by hand, which is not ideal.

They are not included in the specific editor right now, you should be able to use the complete archetype tree to define any kind of constraint. If it is needed, demographic model documentation can be changed to add the desired tree navigation attributes, which would allow their creation and navigation from the specific openehr demographic tree editor

As Diego said, it’s a problem of visibility in the archetype tree. When we implemented t in the past, we tried to provide a simplified archetype tree to facilitate its edition, similar as what the Archetype Designer does with its visibility options. Our approach was to have two different trees, the complete tree that shows and allows to edit every part of the RM, and the specific tree for each RM. Since demographic archetypes have not been really used so far, that view probably needs some revisions. But you can access and edit the archetype by using the “archetype tree” tab in the interface. Both trees are synchronized.

Thanks David and Diego. I’m building a test data set for verifying conformance for the demographic model, in this context demographic archetypes and templates will be necessary. So having a modeling tool that allows to use the complete structure of Party will play an important role, since at all need to support many different cases of demographic models.

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