How to create an archetype with DV_scale in 'Archetype Designer'

I am new to the open ehr community and still learning on things. Can some one please help me to create an archetype which includes DV_Scale element in it? [I am using archetype designer.] :slight_smile:

Hi Ruvini, and welcome to the openEHR community! :smile:

As you’ve obviously noticed, there isn’t an icon for the DV_SCALE data type on the left hand data types menu. You can however change (or add to) the data type of any data element you’ve already created, and this is where you’ll find the Scale type.

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Hi @siljelb… Thank you very much !! :smiling_face:


@siljelb Would you mind if i ask for some simple archetype which includes this dv_scale? I created one. but it seems there is a problem with it. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @Ruvini find attached a sample. :wink:

openEHR-EHR-OBSERVATION.scale_test.v0 (1).adl (2.1 KB)


@borut.fabjan Thank you very much !! :blush:

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Does any of you know an icon that we can use for DV_Scale?