How to create a RMObject model for a given archetype or template using archie

I working on a small App where i need to present a archetype or a template for data input. i want to create a RMObject model so that i can set values into different data attributes by using this empty model. How can i create a RMObject model for a given archetype using Archie ?

Hi Gayan,

we have a tool that might be useful for your task (maybe with some overhead):

The library allows you to create Dto java classes from an OPT. Then you set the attributes. When this is done, the data can be translated to Archie RM objects. As the Dto is created JPA like, it should be possible to define a REST interface to read and write the data to your form.

The tool is still in alpha, but chances are good that you can already get some things done with it.

The basic workflow is described here:

Unfortunately, we have not been able to put the EHRbase libs on maven central, hence you will need to build and install the dependencies (via “mvn install”) beforehand. Documentation is also sparse, but we are working on it constantly.

Sorry that this takes some initital effort :grimacing:



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This is a good start for me, i will have look at it

Thanks Birger