How to construct a CKM URL from an archetype identifier?

Is there a way to create a URL for citation purposes from an archetype id? Is something like the following defined, or easy to support?

Possibly mainly for @sebastian.garde

It has some limitations, but essentially this works

Also e.g.

Note that if the archetype id changes before/on publication this URL would no longer work, whereas the citeable id (e.g. 1013.1.130) remains stable.

Alternatively, could the REST API be used to get the cid initially?

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Oh yes, you can do that as well - especially helpful if you do something programmatically like the rest of the CKM REST API.

The direct link is just useful if you quickly want to open the archetype in ckm directly.

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Interesting idea but I think I prefer the simplicity of

We will need to factor in namespaces though, quite soon.

I think it preferable to stick with major version only, though I guess it depends on the citation requirement.

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Definitely it will be useful to specify minor versions. And probably patch. Since in adl2 I often include/specialise at the minor level.

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Well major version only is going to get latest of that version, which is not really what you want to do when citing an existing model, whereas if you just want to ‘refer’ to the latest (whatever it is), sure. So ideally we need support for minor+patch version as well.

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Agree. It relates a bit to the discussion wether a new major version means a new archetype. Clinically to me that’s a strange concept, but technically it makes a lot of sense. I think we should discuss this a bit to get so,e consensus for cases like this.

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Yes, agree.
For now if you want to specify an explicit version, you can use the citeable identifier and add the asset version, e.g. for the currently latest published version.

This was my original problem: this ID is not in an archetype, so the only way to figure it out given a particular archetype is make some sort of query to CKM REST API.