How to call external service

Hi all,
We have a requirement to call a web service to fill items of a DvCodedText. Besides, we used the Archetype Editor(Ocean) application which we could set terminology for a DvCodedText element that it seems like a web service. But I can not customize this feature.
Now, I want to now how can define external web service in the structure of archetype to load data from external system.


In archetypes you describe the valid contents (i.e. constraints) in your structures. Terminology bindings to specific valuesets, even when pointing to external terminology services, will just tell you the constraint. I think what you are looking for is some kind of standard terminology API, and for that I would recommend you to have a look to FHIR valueset and conceptmap resources. Valuesets defined this way can be referefenced from archetypes.

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what is your idea about terminology structure was mentioned in

Note that this is just the structure of the (rather simplistic) openEHR terminology (vocabularies and code-sets), not a meta-model for terminology in general.


It’s also worth mentioning that the terminology web services in Ocean’s tools is possibly tied to the OTS (Ocean Terminology Services) interface. If you’re looking for something formal for terminology authoring/maintenance you can look into CTS2 (we used it in the past, lots of features but also quite complex), but if you want something quick to query and validate code systems and value sets, as @yampeku mentioned, FHIR has some nice operations (including mappings and subsumption for SNOMED CT).

@M.farokhtabar - agree with the other comments.

Just to be clear, the challenge is slightly different depending on whether you are trying to hook up a terminology service as part of design-time tooling (e.g in Archetype Designer or Ocean Template Designer ) or trying to hook up a terminology service to the patient data itself inside a CDR.

In both cases, the FHIR Valueset is probably the first choice now. I know that support for this is being actively developed by a number of the tool providers.