How to advertise the 2020 modelling program

I think we should consider how to advertise this new ‘modelling campaign’ much more widely at some point, both in specific countries and also across the openEHR community with some general news announcements.



I’m not sure we’re talking about a new “campaign” as such, but rather asking the community to give directions on where to go next in the ongoing modelling work. It’s not a bad idea to advertise though. I put it on Twitter just now, but I assume you had something more in mind? :smile:

Totally support any and all sharing. The number of views here has been pretty disappointing, so we need to scale it up.

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Right. I think if you do want to solicit interest of a certain kind, i.e. on certain themes, or a ‘next N archetypes’ plan or however you want to do it, it would be good to set up that strategy - could be just as Heather describes in the top post - and we advertise that on the website, with a community wide post etc. And push that out in the UK, NL, NO and some other countries.

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I genuinely don’t know yet if we develop a strategy by theme or domain or whatever. This is the purpose of the first phase of enquiry, so that we can then organise and vote and try to align with community priorities rather than the needs of one or two groups. It has worked up until now because we all needed pretty common core models to be developed, but as these are published we need to identify alternative ways of identifying, then meeting, community needs.
If anyone has other ideas about achieving this, I’m certainly all ears.


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I’m still inclined to create a community announcement to get as many people interested in this. That means sending a message to the openEHR News category, which should be received by anyone. @siljelb is an admin, so she can do this. If you do that, you may get more input.

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We can also use the members mailing list to give some more exposure, esp amongst Industry partners, if that would be helpful

I’d be very happy if you (all) do something like this. I’m really only butting in here to point out what may not be obvious: that posting on any Discourse category other than the openEHR News one may not result in many notifications going out, since that depends on people having chosen to watch or track the category.

I’ll email members and post to the website. If you need anything more please let me know :slight_smile:

Who is able to post on openEHR news?

Currently site admins (4 of us I think). That doesn’t mean anything, but it is a controlled group, since any post in principal generates an email to the entire community. Probably the best way to run it is to make it moderated and membership limited to a management group, that way anyone from that group can suggest a post, and moderators (a smaller group) can do a PR sanity check for repetition, frequency of posts etc. Ultimately we need to ensure the category generates useful notifications, not spam.

Maybe program leads?


Hi @heatherleslie I can post on openehr news, so anytime there’s something you’d like doing, please let me know. Happy to help and I’d have a good idea if it was okay to post or not :slight_smile: KR J