How is the "constraint reference" used in "magnitude_status" within the "Dv_Quantity" in openEHR?

hello everyone,
How is the “constraint reference” used in “magnitude_status” within the “Dv_Quantity” in openEHR? Could everyone provide an example?

Since the possible values for that “magnitude_status” are just Strings of the mathematical symbols, it has little sense to use a constraint reference (acNNNN codes) in that attribute.

It would be useful if it had been initially defined in the reference model as a terminological code, for example a subset made of these SNOMED CT values:

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It would have been better if we had used a built-in enum I think, since that would have mapped to integers in most languages. Although we don’t have a meta-type for constraining ‘enums’ as such… something to think about for next ADL version…