How do i add ml/m2 in the archetype designer

I wanted to add that using curly braces, but its a Volume/Area which is not allowed with curly braces.
VOLUME/MASS works but only with cm2.
Any other option left other then the change request for the xml in jira ?

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Hi Severin! What’s the use case of the unit? :smile:

MRI parameters like an stroke volume index

Thanks, that clarifies the use case! The correct way to get this change into the units xml file is, as you say, to raise a jira PR asking for this to be added, and then notifying Better that a new version of the file is available.

As for the details, a new property is probably needed, something like

<Property id="91" Text="Volume per Area" openEHR="761" />

…and a few new units for the property:

<Unit property_id="91" Text="m³/m²" conversion="1" primary="true" UCUM="m3/m2"/>
<Unit property_id="91" Text="L/m²" conversion="1" coefficient="-3" primary="false" UCUM="mL/m2"/>
<Unit property_id="91" Text="mL/m²" conversion="1" coefficient="-6" primary="false" UCUM="mL/m2"/>
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I cannot find the jira link would you be so nice and provide it to me ?

Sorry, it’s this project: Specification PR tracker - Issues - openEHR JIRA (

To expedite the change you can also create a branch and pull request here: openEHR/specifications-TERM: openEHR terminology-related specifications (

You can use this PR and pull request as templates if you like: