HL7 WGM in Athens

There is an interest from the HL7 community that we present how openEHR and FHIR can work together in the HL7 WGM that is being held from the 15th to the 19th of January in Athens.
I won’t be able to attend in person, is anyone from the community planning to go to Athens for the HL7 WGM?

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I believe Rachel is there

@yampeku myself and @stefan.schraps will be there Sunday and Monday morning. Do you want to drop me a mail and see if we can co-ordinate ?

Yes, I think it would be perfect, I’ll put you in contact with the HL7 coordinator

@yampeku and anyone else who do you think has the best presentation to explain this - I have seen a number.

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Too short for me, so from the highmed/network university medicine (num) side i capitulate, would have been nice since we have actual running projects.
Otherwise i would recommend people that actually delivered practical outcomes, the zillionst theoretical mapping between openEHR and fhir … talking is silver, doing is gold.
Maybe someone from Better/Vita/Medblocks.
@matijap @Sidharth_Ramesh @vidi42.
@jake.smolka has also quite some expertise :wink:

If it should be a real public project combining both maybe @birger.haarbrandt can spare the time and take my part.

It has to be delivered face to face on thursday 18th Jan in Athens (Confirmed with Catherine K). sadly I cant say an extra 5 days to deliver this but would be keen to know if @matijap @Sidharth_Ramesh @vidi42 @jake.smolka or @birger.haarbrandt could make it.

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Did this happen?

And is the recording available to interested parties?

@Nathan please see:
This LinkedIn post (seemingly the English translation is a gem!)

My all time favourite by Better’s CTO - HERE

I also presented quite some time ago on this HERE

Yes it did happen Nathan - sadly it was not recorded but it went well.


Could you please elaborate a bit, how presented, what was the message, how was it received, what kind of question where there from the audience?

Yes @joostholslag

There were 30-40 mainly HL7 people there - the session was introduced and closed warmly by Catherine Chronaki

I covered the material at a high level materials from @yampeku @heather.leslie on FHIR and openEHR plus the work from @sebastian.iancu and @Sidharth_Ramesh on SMART on openEHR. I showed how Catalonia and Wales are using the standards together. I also detailed the paper I have written with Grahame Greave on standards working together.

There were around 10 minutes of questions including how standards might converge? (allergies being an example) Should IPS be a focus of collaboration ?

All good friendly discussion and went very well.


Hi Rachel,

I’d agree with your assessment - an open and friendly discussion. I’m
curious to see how this new drive towards collaboration is going to play

With best regards,

-Rene (one of the “HL7 people” present during this session)


Hello Rachel,
Would you kindly inform us the name of the paper that you co-written with Grahame Grieve?
John Lai

Yes @JohnL its entitled Converge or collide? Making sense of a plethora of open data standards in healthcare
its currently in academic review.

The authors are as follows : -

Guy Tsafnat1,2,3,*, Rachel Dunscombe4,5,#, Davera Gabriel3,6,#, Grahame Grieve7,8,#, Christian Reich3,9,10,#

1 Evidentli, Sydney, Australia
2 Macquarie University, Centre for Health Informatics, Sydney, New South Wales Australia 3 OHDSI FHIR & OMOP Collaboation Working Group
4 openEHR International, St. Helens, England, UK
5 Imperial College London, London, England, UK
6 Johns Hopkins University, school of medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
7 Health Level 7 International (HL7), Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
8 Health Intersections, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
9 Odysseus Data Services, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
10 Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics, New York, New York, USA


@ukpenguin sounds like an excellent paper. Looking forward to reading it. We Could get a podcast with you, @Sidharth_Ramesh and Graham discussing the paper after its formal publication?


@Kanthan_Theivendran sounds like an excellent idea !


Hi everybody, I’d like to add that i’m in the process of connecting @ukpenguin and a colleague of mine in the US, where HL7 has also expressed interest in learning intersections and shared interests. Hopefully find more threads to build a cohesive web :slight_smile:


Looks like it was accepted!

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Yes John - it looks like it was published yesterday - I wasn’t aware and found out when my phone kept pinging so I stopped and it was people letting me know. For anyone who wants the link you can find it here :- https://preprints.jmir.org/preprint/55779