Hirsutism scales about to be published

Hi everyone,

The archetype Hirsutism scales has been through one review round, and there were no major issues. The editorial team suggests publishing.

If you have any comments or objections, please note them here, at the latest in time of the planned publication date, December 17th 2021.

Link to the archetype: Clinical Knowledge Manager


Small comment about SNOMED CT bindings:

  • 771274008 |Ferriman-Gallwey scale (assessment scale)| should probably be used on the top level
  • 302094007 |Hirsutism score (observable entity)| should probably be used on the Total score element

No, the original Ferriman-Gallwey score consists of hair grading on nine defined body areas. This archetype is for three different variants of Ferriman-Gallwey scores.

No, the Total score element is for up to 13 defined body areas, and the SCT code you suggest is for an extended version of the original, and consists of 12 body areas. An implementer can choose to use all 13 or any other number of body areas and still use the Total score element (and rename it accordingly).

Then none of those codes should probably be used. A data element should have an (observable entity), as opposed to a root level archetype.

Hi @varntzen,

Agree with @siljelb - the binding for the scale/assessment is not correct binding against the score value and should be removed.

In addition, each F-G score description should probably be aligned with the ‘Use’ so each can be distinguished. For example:
Ferriman-Gallwey score - The total sum of the hair scores recorded for each of eleven body areas originally proposed by Ferriman and Gallwey (excluding scores for the sideburn area and the perineum).
Modified Ferriman-Gallwey score - The total sum of the hair scores recorded for each of nine body areas (excluding scores for the lower arm, lower leg, sideburn area and perineum).

And no change needed for the Total score.


Will both remove the terminology binding, and add a comment to the respective elements as suggested,


Published 22-12-2021.