Help modelling CPR Procedure Details

I’m trying to model the details of a Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Procedure like:

  • Onset of the collapse of the patient
  • What time the CPR team was called (Datetime)
  • What time the CPR team arrived (Datetime)
  • If Chest compressions were given (Boolean)
  • If Defibrillation device was used (Boolean)
  • What time CPR was stopped (Datetime)
  • Initial Rythm of the heart (CodedText)

How should I model this?
I want to put it under the Procedure details slot of the Procedure archetype (openEHR-EHR-ACTION.procedure.v1), but that allows only Anatomical Location and Medical Devices. Should I just make a new archetype with CPR Details and edit the Procedure archetype to make the details slot also accept this new archetype?

Thank you

I think you are on the right track. The ‘other details’ slot is actually ‘open’ to any cluster archetype as there is no ‘exclude’ constraint set. This means that the archetypes included act as suggestions rather than excluding any other archetypes - in Archetype Designer when editing a template you see the ‘suggestions’ in green and the others in grey…

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Perfect! Then I’ll just use my own archetype for more details.