Hard/physical delete

Hello all, I’m fairly new to OpenEHR and have been using EHRBase. I’m comfortable with composition versioning and logical/soft delete markers.

However, we have an (NHS) organisational requirement to provide the ability to physically/hard delete records on occasion. For example, under GDPR a patient has the right to erasure.

I believe that we could simply remove or re-assign the subject identifier on the EHR? However, if we wanted to hard-delete a composition, is this possible?

Apologies if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find it via search. Thanks in advance.

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@Callum_Anderson EHRbase provides an Admin API 3.7. Admin API — EHRbase documentation for these kind of operations.
See for compositions 3.7.3. /admin/{:ehr_id}/composition — EHRbase documentation

However, this comes with risks if access is not properly configured or mistakes are made.


Both ehrbase and better support these hard deletes via a seperste admin api i believe for both compositions and overall ehr. There is sn appetite to standardise some of these kind of calls.

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Thank you both, yes, you’re quite right - I forgot to mention that EHRBase does indeed provide an Admin API. However, the documentation states that it is for development purposes only - not production systems. And I believe it’s not activated for the latest EHRBase image which is what we’ve been using.

Absolutely it might be a solution though, although not without its risks.

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