GDL2 to Drools conversion

Hi… wanted to find out if there are recommended ways for GDL2 to Drools conversion. The Cambio GDL Editor had a Drools convertor built in, but the GDL2 does not. Please suggest


I would suggest @rong.chen at Cambio may have answers to this.

@sangeeta.nbose I was facing same problem. Luckily i saw your post thanks for sharing this with us. Really good man. :slightly_smiling_face:

We don’t use Drools anymore in our GDL2 implementation. That’s why there is no converter to Drools in GDL2 editor.

ok @rong.chen thanks. Then what is the recommended path for GDL2->Java or any other relevant implementation ?

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@sangeeta.nbose for us we implemented a lightweight java runtime of GDL2 guidelines, and it works well for us. I know at least one group managed GDL2/drools conversion successfully.