GDL2 editor: problem when creating a guideline with the same archetype instantiated twice as output variable

We are trying to use the GDL2 editor to create some guidelines with recommendations. To create a rule with two topic and recommendation elements as the output, we instantiated the archetype openEHR-EHR-EVALUATION.recommendation.v2 with those elements, twice.

In the GDL syntax, indeed different gt numbers were generated for each seperately instantiated topic and reccomendation (gt0011, gt0012, gt0026, gt0027 in red, image below).

However, when executing a test case where this rule applies, the generated expected output shows the right gt numbers, with the values of only the last generated topic and recommendation (in black, image below). Why does this happen?


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Hi Loraine, it seems to be a bug you have encountered there. Thanks for letting us know!
We will organize a fix and make a new release of GDL2-editor shortly.

Hi @LoraineC a new version of GDL2 editor is now available for download here: Tools – Guideline Definition Language (GDL). This version contains a fix related to the bug you have encountered.