Fhirbridge - Building in AllergyIntolerance

Hi, I hope this is the right place to discuss the FHIRBridge. I’m looking into adding a mapping for AllergyIntolerance. I was wondering, given the extensive coverage for Covid19, if I’ve missed something. Is there already some way adverse reactions / allergies are mapped?


Hi @fleen,

See Forschungsnetz Covid-19 - SIMPLIFIER.NET for reference of the supported FHIR resources and profiles. AllergyIntolerance is currently not supported and contributions are highly welcome!

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Just as a quick notice, we’re working on incorporating some of the changes made to the AllergyIntolerance FHIR resource since it started branching from the Adverse reaction risk archetype, into a new major version of the archetype. Have a look at Clinical Knowledge Manager, especially the two status elements (at0130 and at0063).

We’ll be sending the updated archetype out for review in the next few days, and we’d be very happy if you would participate. If you “Adopt” the archetype in the CKM, you will be invited to any reviews:

Thank you both for your replies. @birger.haarbrandt would there be any recent docs on extending the fhirbridge? I see that it was refactored recently @siljelb I have subscribed, quite new to openEHR though so not sure I will be useful!

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Well we did not have time for that so far, what do you need ?