'Fetal biometry' is ready for publication

Dear all
The archetype ‘Fetal biometry’ (Clinical Knowledge Manager) has been through one review round. Most reviewers accepted or suggested only minor changes. There were suggestions for additional elements, which can be further investigated and added in in a future version, and grow when there is a clear understanding of the needs, experts consulted, clinical guidance and scientific papers investigated and, if possible, early drafts of the extended archetype used in an agile software development to be able to get feedback from domain experts.

The archetype class has been changed from CLUSTER to OBSERVATION, due to requirements for BPD method in Protocol section.

There is per now a clear use case for the existing version related to artificial reproductive treatment, and the editors recommend to publish the archetype in its present design. If any objections or comments, please add them here in due time for planned publication on July 8th.

Kind regards on behalf of the editors,
Vebjørn Arntzen