EY join openEHR International as Industry Partners

We are delighted to welcome EY to membership, who have joined openEHR International as Diamond Industry Partners.

EY teams are helping organisations across the entire health spectrum, with harnessing the transformative power of new technology and data. This requires ecosystems to be built around the needs of the individual supported by technical standards, open data models and empowered by governance systems that deliver trust. ‘EY people are drawing on their capabilities, talents and diverse perspectives of their people to help create smarter ways to offer care and better outcomes’.

@evermeulennl - Erik Vermeulen EY Global Smart Health Solution Leader, says: “Working with the right combination of standards is pivotal to unleash the power of health data. The dedicated contributors to openEHR have together curated a leading set of common data models for health founded on a well-engineered set of technical specifications that bring longevity and help create the right data environment for tomorrow.”

You can find out more about this new Partner HERE