EVENT found in Task Planning and RM

I’m trying to use Task Planning Release 1.6.0 (and latest) with RM 1.1.0 (and latest).

An EVENT is found in Task Planning (1.6.0 and latest) and in RM Structures (1.1.0 and latest).

Should I keep using Task Planning 1.5.0 and RM 1.1.0 for now?

I have thought about renaming TP 1.5.0 EVENT, although UML and at least the languages that I know handle namespaced classes. I assume Dart doesn’t?

In any case, there is very little structural difference between 1.5.0 and 1.6.0. There will be major additions and some changes in 2.0.0 however (but that is some way off). I suggest you use 1.5.0 for now.

Thank you. I’ll use 1.5.0 and wait for 2.0.0.

Dart does, but I didn’t use them :sweat_smile:

My model validator that checks if the BMMs were parsed correctly doesn’t use namespaces.

I’m not 100% sure but Archie’s model validator might not use them either.