European openEHR network

Hello together,

I initiated an effort to connect openEHR institutions within Europe, the “european openEHR network”, together with Hannover and Karolinska (shoutout to @erik.sundvall ).
The goal is, for now, to leverage feasibility queries between institutions since it’s an easy use case privacy-wise (only counts are exchanged) and to check “AQL-level”-interoperability between institutions.

This aims to build a connected infrastructure and lay the foundations for privacy and governance.
Feasibility queries are also good to initiate research collaborations if the cohort at the local hospital is too small (e.g. rare disease).
Therefore, it is a door opener for even more intense cooperation.
In the future, obviously this framework can be extend to cover much more but for now this is our goal.
@erik.sundvall and I created a wiki page for that, where we want to collect who has what data in order to form initial use cases for such a feasibility network as a start (in the wiki page at the bottom).
If you want to collaborate please provide me a similar table via mail and i will enter that into the wiki.
If you have questions you can either contact me via mail ( or here.
Lets work together and show the strength of international models!


That’s a great initiative! A kind of EHDEN for openEHR can boost its implementation and visibility. I know you are already in contact with @yampeku , so it will be great to collaborate.


I wouldn’t necessary limit it to EU, I think you meant Europe. We don’t mind participants from e.g. Norway, Britain and Switzerland :wink:


Would be interesting to use for (cryptographic) api security. @jorritspee @pimvolkert and/or differential privacy.

I already checked the repo and tried it, it definitely is :wink:

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We now have several interesting hosptials/healthcare providers listed at:

Do any of you use radiology or pathology solutions from the system provider Sectra? We are restarting some interesting experiments with basing forms in Sectra Forms on openEHR templates. Would any of you be interested in following that work somehow?

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