Essential Rm attributes - Implementation guideline


Hi all,

In Wales, we are using openEHR as a structured clinical repository as part of our national platform, and we are trying to build a generic implementation guideline for any system in Wales aiming at storing data in our CDR.

We have established that we need three levels for any specific implementation guideline:

  1. Required elements for the openEHR CDR.
  2. Required/mandated data elements that are a Welsh standard. (eg: system
  3. Specific Rm attributes for each form (eg PARTICIPATIONS for an MDT)

I was wondering if anyone had a document, github repo, code, or any other format with the list of the essential Rm attributes to commit a composition and their tree structure so that we can review it.

Our aim is to build a guideline to point developers from different applications (with their own form builders) to the correct place in the National CDR to store the Rm attributes data and avoid errors.

I am including @johnmeredith and @rach123 who are also working in this.

You could check the generic mappers of my FHIR to openEHR ETL software.
These usually cover the classical RM fields required for a composition.

The NameToName is FHIRType TO OpenEHRType :wink: so for composition check *ToComposition.
These are the ones always required
Or you can also check what the implementers are defaulting for their flat formats, usually they prefill specific RM-fields to make the flat composition more readable.
ping @vidi42 @matijap

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