Epworth sleepiness scale

Hello everyone,

Pleased to meet you all and become a part of your community. I am new to the world of modelling, and I am eager and excited to learn as much as possible. I am a medical doctor and a neuroscience PhD student.
I’ve spent a couple of days familiarizing myself with archetypes, templates and the tools that you use, and I created one archetype (mostly to test how good my understanding is), which I wanted to hear your opinion on.
It is the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (which can be used both by clinicians, and as self-assessment). I created this archetype as an observation. Let me know what you think. Here is the link you can follow to see it: Archetype Designer.

Thanks in advance!

Andjela Pavlovic

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Hi, and welcome to the openEHR community!

After a quick glance, I must say that your understanding after “a couple of days” is fairly good! Well done! There are missing meta-data to most of the elements, and there are also some not-up-to-the-present-standard phrasing in Header section. There are a style guide to help you out here: Archetype content & style guide - openEHR Clinical - Confluence (atlassian.net)

As there are the same value set for each ordinal, it is possible to use the same at-codes for all of them.

Are you planning to use this archetype, it can be worked on a bit, and uploaded as a proposal. And then put on review and get it published. Your first! :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Vebjørn Arntzen

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Hi Andjela,

Welcome to the community and well done! I think the important parts are right from an openEHR modelling perspective. I’ve not checked the source. What kind of feedback are you looking for?
I also agree with what @varntzen remarks, let us know if you need help.

I’m also curious for your goal. Are you looking to register study data?

Hi Vebjørn and Joost,

Thank you for your replies. I will go through the guide that you’ve sent me @varntzen, since I actually had some doubts regarding Headings and Attributions sections, so it will come in handy.

Sounds exciting, will definitely do it and we’ll see how it goes :slight_smile:

To answer your question - I’ve spent some time with sleep disorders specialists and I’ve noticed that this scale is used in clinical pratice (for patient assessment) so I wanted to create a model that could become a part of a form in the future.

Just as an opportunity to learn :slight_smile:

I will reach out in case I have any further questions.

Kind regards,
Andjela Pavlovic



I tried to upload an archetype, but I keep getting this message:

Do you maybe know what the problem here is?

Thank you in advance!

Andjela Pavlovic

Hi Andjela! There’s a known bug with the “Drop file here” function. Could you try to select the file using the “Browse” button?

Hi Silje, that seems to be it. Thanks for the help!