EHRbase Swagger Username, Password & FHIR Integration

Hey all,

I am new to OpenEHR. I wanted to take the Datas from OpenEHR through FHIR. I wanted to understand how OpenEHR Works.

I have exported Archetypes from Clinical knowledge manager. And uploded into the Archetype Builder and created a templates and have exported the templates now. I have also installed EHR base using docker compose up using .yml file. When i tried to open the Swagger page of EHR base it asks me user name and password. I have tried entering the user names and passwords from the .yml file and it doesn’t work. I have attached an image below for your reference.

Kindly can anyone tell me what will be the user name and password? I also wanted to know how to take datas through FHIR from Open EHR using Postman. So that i can implement the same using languages like python.

@Sidharth_Ramesh @ian.mcnicoll

I got this working with the default username and password in the .env file


Hi @ian.mcnicoll ,

Thank you for the quick response. I have figured this out earlier and sorted it out. Kindly can u help me with the FHIR bridge used in the EHR base and how to use and implement it?

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Aravindh RN

In case you need it, here is the link of documentation for EHRbase FHIR Bridge.

Hey @Aravindh I’d suggest you understand how to use the openEHR SDK by EHRbase first.
The FHIR bridge includes a few examples of how a FHIR facade can be built on top of an openEHR CDR, however, your use case may be different from what they’ve implemented.

Which FHIR Profile are you trying to implement with openEHR? If it’s India’s ABDM, then the FHIR bridge is not required since you don’t need a FHIR REST API to begin with.

Well what do you exactly need the bridge for if i may ask.
The fhir bridge offers no conversion from openEHR into FHIR.
Only the other way around.