EHRbase: Stuck in "2.5. Step 4: Load Data"

I’m new to EHRBase and use docker images to learn EHRbase. According to the document, I have successfully performed the first three steps of “2. Getting Started” (including Data Models, Upload a Template and Create an EHR) .

When trying Step 4: Load Data:

I firstly built the Client Library from “GitHub - nedap/ehrbase_client_library”. But when I tried to create the Java classes from the OPT, “nullPointerException” was reported. It seems that the Client Library cannot correctly analysis the OPT. Also it seems that “/nedap/ehrbase_client_library” is no longer maintained.

Then, I tried to use Flat Format. I tried to send request to “/ehrbase/rest/ecis/v1/composition” according to the “Flat.postman_collection” and the document. but it returned “‘error’: ‘Bad Request’”. So I wonder if there is a detailed document for the API endpoints for the Flat Format to help me use the APIs properly?

What should I do to Load Data successfully?

Hi @daguanyu,

please have a try with this Postman Collection:

openEHR WebTemplates Example.postman_collection.json (1.1 MB)

Please let me know if this works for you!



Hi @daguanyu you can use the openEHR Toolkit to generate a JSON based on your operational template (OPT) and just send a POST request to EHRBASE with that payload.

The toolkit generates a COMPOSITION with random data based on your template. Then, if you want, you can change some values manually of via software, then commit the composition.

For me (I do a lot of testing) it’s the fastest way of having some data loaded for testing.

Hope that helps.

hi @pablo , I tried and failed to register:

Hi @birger.haarbrandt .

thank you very much. this one is more detailed and easier to be understood.

thank you again for your help!

Sorry to hear about that, let me look what is going on with the sign up form.

@daguanyu do you see the recaptcha box in the sign up form? It should appear there at the bottom