[EhrBase-SDK] Can Fhir-Bridge be extended as dependency in project


We are trying to extend fhir-bridge capabilities in our project as dependency in pom, so that we can convert/map few of the resources to templates according to our specification. This is done so that existing code of bridge is not modified and also any further upgrade of versions can be easily managed since we are not modifying bridge code or are we maintaining it at our end.

When we tried this method, we are facing issues saying certain classes of bridge is not able to find like “CompositionConverter” class.

Error message : " package org.ehrbase.fhirbridge.camel does not exist"

Could you be more specific please ? What resources as an example?
The bridge is a very specific solution mapping only specific Profiles to Templates, any new mapping etc. needs to be added programmatically.

Supported Profiles are listed here:

Resulting Templates:

Any other profile etc. needs to be added and an converter programmed.


Lets just say we need to convert Plandefinition resource according to our requirement as an example, In such case, understanding that we need to add converter mappings and also provide route definition for this new resource, we do not want to modify or add any code in the existing fhir-bridge, instead add it as an extension to our project by configuring it as a dependency and then add these new converters, templates and routes in our new project, is this a possibility?

Thanks @SevKohler for the answer.
What do you mean by programmatically adding here?

  1. option 1: fork the fhirbridge in a separate branch, add new profiles, templates and corresponding mapping in the code. Build together with fhir-bridge components,
  2. option 2: Create a new jar file with profiles, templates and corresponding mapping and find a way to dynamically link the new target in the fhir bridge components.

Not sure if fhir-bridge supports option 2 of dynamic extension.

with option 1, it will always be problematic when newer version of fhirbridge is available.

any comments on above options on what fhir-bridge supports?

No thats not possible, you will need to add the stuff to the existing bridge. Currently there is no mechanic to do as you stated.


  1. yes
  2. not supported