EHRBase and ADL2.0

Hi everyone, first time posting here after couple of months of intense specification reading and browsing through GitHub code and Discourse trying to catchup on everything openEHR related.

After reading the specification I then went to see the EHRBase code and found that it doesn’t support ADL2 templates yet, is that right?

If yes then can someone explain what is the overall ADL2 adoption in the openEHR ecosystem?

Although I am sure there is a lot of overlap between 1.4 and 2.0 I sort of felt that I wasted some time on reading ADL formalism given that is not implemented or ready to be used.

Thank you for you attention and I appreciate the community for been so keen to help. Many topics here were helpful in understanding more of multiple aspects of openEHR not very clear in the specification.


Hi @thiagofelix,

product manager of EHRbase here. There has been some discussions in the openEHR community during the last 3 years how to make the transition from ADL 1.4 to ADL 2. At the moment, EHRbase indeed does not support ADL 2.

I think we have reached some conclusions by the end of 2023 and we will be able to move forward across tools and vendors. There is still no joint roadmap, but there will definitely be the leap forward. From this point of view, your time and effort is not wasted.

Hope this clarifies the situation a bit and I’m sure others will be able to give some different perspectives on the issue.

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Than you Haarbrand, I will focus more on the ADL 1.4 for now and downstream artifacts/API based on this version.

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