Dr Sidharth Ramesh joins openEHR SEC Experts Panel

We are very pleased to welcome Dr Sidharth Ramesh as the latest addition to the openEHR Specifications Editorial Committee Experts Panel.

Sidharth is an MD in Tamil Nadu who in recent years has become an innovator in the open source App building space with his company Medblocks, which provides solutions based on openEHR, HL7 FHIR and other standards, as well as some great training and educational resources.

Sidharth, along with the rest of the SEC Expert Panel will provide direction to the evolution of the openEHR specifications and related technical resources.


Fantastic news Sidharth has provided some amazing resources I have used - delighted he is joining the experts panel.


Thank you very much! Very pleased to join the SEC Expert panel!


Fantastic news! Welcome aboard!

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Welcome! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Your Youtube videos were my first resource and how I learned about and became interested in OpenEHR! Thanks!


Can you send the link to these videos please @jakwitek? cc @Sidharth_Ramesh

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@Pete_Bouvier just google sidharth ramesh openehr youtube

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You might also add

Pablo Pazos’ Cabolabs youTube

and some stuff from freshEHR


@Pete_Bouvier - lots on YouTube :slight_smile:

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