Difficulty with signing up

I made it!

Could not get the sign in with google link to work last night.

Used my nes.scot.nhs.uk e-mail but no confirmation e-mail arrived. In inbox at 01:00 notification it had been quarantined by exchange, so released that this morning and seems to have worked.

Thanks for setting this up Marcus :slight_smile:

Does not like my initial topic title “Signing up issues” and keeps asking if it is a complete sentence.

I’ll add a full stop.
Change it to: “Difficulty with signing up”

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looks like an annoyance likely to be common due to email management in Scot NHS and one suspects England & Wales as well - rather than a google or Discourse problem.

In the interests of making sure that is the case, can anyone else experiencing difficulty with google sign-in make a note here as well?