Detailed Video Tutorial for GDL 2 Editor

I am new to openEHR, and I am trying out the GDL 2 Editor to build a clinical guideline which is quite complex. I have gone through the tutorial a number of times and done the examples, but I still cant find my way around the guideline I want to build which is a protocol for management of a chronic disease.

I’ve searched the YouTube for detailed video tutorial on this, but no success, probably I’ve not searched well. I wish to be directed to a detailed stepwise tutorial on how to build a ‘complex’ protocol utilizing all the functionalities of the GDL 2 Editor.

Thanks for all your help.

@rong.chen are you able to help?

Yes, certainly! @joostholslag

@Godwin we have implemented several GDL2-based decision/process support for chronic diseases. For inspiration, here is a full text publication of such an implementation using GDL2 guidelines,

We are currently in the process of updating our tutorials using our new Guideline Editor, and will announce on openEHR discourse once it’s available.

@Godwin Please let me know if you want to have a call to go through your questions.

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