Correct procedure to translate an archetype in various languages

I am currently in the works to translate an archetype in the CKM to french and german.
I have created a new branch where i translated the archetype from english to french.
Now I need to translate it from english to german.

For that where should I click to translate archetype now to german? In the trunk again or in the new branch I have created before to translate it initially to french?

I don’t know how the process in the editors side works and I don’t want to make a mess :sweat_smile:

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Hi Vanessa,

I’ll comment from a tooling perspective only:

You can only have one active branch for each user and I see no harm doing more than one translation on a branch and then commit to the trunk.
In fact, if different users work on different translations (each on their branch) at the same time, the two (or N) translations can later be merged into one of the branches - or yet another one - by the editors before committing the result of the two translations back to the trunk. This can be done e.g. to avoid too many unnecessary trunk revisions.


Hi! thanks for the detailed explanation. :slightly_smiling_face:
Just to show what I did:

i clicked in the one with the red arrow and i kept translating to german from that one.
Seems it worked fine.