Contradiction in DvQuantified definition

Sorry to bother you the day before Christmas about this tiny issue.
I hope you are all in good health

In DvQuantified class is a little but disturbing error:

less_than alias “<” (
): Boolean

I thinkt the Post result contradicts with the description

  • Post_result: Result = magnitude < other.magnitude
  • True if other is less than this Quantified object. Based on comparison of magnitude.

Please have a look at that when you have time.

Enjoy your holidays
Best Regards

Bert Verhees


good catch. I have no idea how that error got in there - it was in more than one class. I think I got them all. There is now a CR (in your name :wink: - SPECRM-101. Feel free to review and update anything if I have made an error. The changes are visible here. The sense of the comparison signs in the less_than() post-conditions in DV_DATE, DV_TIME and DV_DATE_TIME were also wrong.

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Thanks, Thomas, it sounds like a minor thing, but sometimes this can be confusing if it is not well defined which object should be smaller.

So, I am happy that you repaired it, and having my name to it, well, I sometimes need a bit of marketing :slight_smile:

Best regards


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