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We had just embraced the difficult task of using OpenEhr demographics, and we are stuck at “contacts”. It seems that “contact class” only allowed address to be referenced. I try specialized, using a slot inside the contact class , but the constrain by default doesn’t allowed to reference other archetype ( like “communication details” ). Any thoughts how to propeller handle this situation

Hi Nuno,

There is very little practical experience with using the current demographics models in the clinical community - @sebastian.iancu from Code24 probably has most experience. We are having a look at the current demographic archetypes to see of/how we can maximise alignment with the the FHIR demographics resources.

Are you trying to emulate the idea of ‘contacts’ in the FHIR Patient resource?

Hi Ian
We are to trying to mirror our legacy demographics data base (that we can´t discontinue), using openEHR to structure data. Reading RM specs , it seems that the original intent was to allowed put telecoms in the class “contact”, using “ Address” class to reference it (wich is a little confuse). Archetype designer doesn’t allow cluster demographics to be built ( or I don’t know how to do it ), and the slot “Addresses” defined in Person archetype only have address.
In relation to FHIR Patient resource , I prefer the organization proposed by @thomas.beale , that seems more ontological robust. Looking forward to see OpenEHR demographics implementing that idea.

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Thanks Nuno,

I suggest you take a look at LinkEHR for editing demographics archetypes. I think AD can be extended to support the demographics archetype but it has only partial support for now.

You can easily hack a DEMOGRAPHIC-CLUSTER-archetype from an EHR-CLUSTER archetype quite easily as apart from the archetypeId they are identical. Suggest you build what you need as an EHR Cluster and I can do a wee video of how to hack it!!

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Thanks Ian, that would be fantastic.

Just out of interest, did you mean this blog post on FHIR Admin resources, or something else?

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Hi Thomas

It’s that one. Very enlightening.

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