Conformance Testing

I’m responsible for autotestion/testing at EHRDB CDR. We’ve developed a standart solution of openEHR rest api.
So I was wondering for those how to test our solution for conformance certificate. I have tried to get test exmaple from openEHR specification
but links are not available/
Can you help me to get openEHR conformance certificate tests? Or if you haven’t it out team can create them.


Hi Nataliya,

there is no official conformance tests at the moment from openEHR, but we got quite a lot of tests as part of EHRbase’s Robot Testing Framework: ehrbase/tests at develop · ehrbase/ehrbase · GitHub

This should include most endpoints of the official openEHR REST API.

Just to satisfy my own curiosity: It would be great if you can give some more information about your openEHR Server. What company are you working for?

Hope this helps,


(Edit, found it :slight_smile:

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Hi Birger,

Thank you for your response! We have reviewed the tests you submitted. Some of these tests may be useful to us!


Great to hear! As there is some interest in conformance testing and certification, it would be appreciated by the community if you would be able to contribute to such tests. This will help openEHR vendors like yours in future procurement processes

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Please check the conformance test spec I’m publishing here ehrbase/doc/conformance_testing at conformance_doc_md · ehrbase/ehrbase · GitHub

I still need to complete the DIRECTORY suite and do another editorial review, but it will be ready soon.