Compositions list from OpenEHR REST API

I have a probably naive question. Is there a way through the openEHR REST API to get the list of compositions for a selected EHR?
I mean without using a query. In fact, I managed to do it only with the help of an AQL query.

Hi @surfer,

nope, this is actually the a case for AQL.

There could be a case to list the compositions when retrieving the EHR object, but this part (to my knowledge) is not well-defined in the spec.

Hi @birger.haarbrandt ,
Quoting the Architecture Overview :
“A central EHR object identified by an EHR id specifies references to a number of types of structured, versioned information, plus a list of Contribution objects that act as audits for changes made to the EHR”

So I interpret it as the references to the versioned compositions should exist in a ehr. Right now only the opposite it’s true if I’m not mistaken both for your EHRBase and for Better.

@thomas.beale @ian.mcnicoll may I ask you what do you think about it?