Composition Examples

I’m looking at openEHR to FHIR mappings at quite basic level.

So I’m looking at the REST API (EHRBase/rest-openehr) rather than FHIR API (ehrbase/fhir-bridge).

Is there a source of Composition, ideally in XML or JSON format. This is what I’ve found so far

This is more a learning exercise at the moment but I’m also exploring the links between openEHR and IHE/FHIR Structured Data Capture (SDC)

What I’ve done so far can be seen here

I’ve got basic mappings from Archetype and operational Templates to FHIR Questionnaire … and have that working with an AWS FHIRWorks backend.

Found one in a postman collection

Probably enough for first pass :slight_smile:

Sometimes we at Karolinska University Hospital supply COMPOSITION examples (in different serialisation formats) in the same releases where we release operational templates Releases · regionstockholm/CKM-mirror-via-modellbibliotek · GitHub

One example is this release: Release ChemoForm-MBA.v6.rc2 · regionstockholm/CKM-mirror-via-modellbibliotek · GitHub

EHRbase links to some examples via 8. Flat — EHRbase documentation

One of the easiest ways to produce example instances of your own is via forms and/or the API documentation/test-UIs in Better’s online Sandbox or if you can get access to any equivalent test environments from other suppliers. Cambio also has a way to show instances in their form authoring/test environment. I also believe @pablo and many others have published services to produce example instances that I have not tried myself yet.


Have also found this

Which I’ve found quite useful


Yes, from CaboLabs we have two tools that generate data, the openEHR Toolkit (online) and the openEHR-OPT (CLI). The CLI is more up to date, and we are in the process of updating the toolkit (it might not pick some constraints for some data values, but in general it generates the right data in JSON or XML).