COMPOSITION.category definitions

In the current spec we have:

Temporal category of this Composition, i.e.

431|persistent| - of potential life-time validity;

451|episodic| - valid over the life of a care episode;

433|event| - valid at the time of recording (long-term validity requires subsequent clinical assessment).

or any other code defined in the openEHR terminology group ‘category’.

What is the meaning of “valid” in this context?

I understand the clinical statements in the COMPOSITION are meant to record information gathered information based on the current state of the patient (event), for the lifespan of the patient (persistent) or for the lifespan of an episode (episodic). Though the term valid is a little ambiguous, for instance, does it imply there is some time when the information is invalid?


‘Valid’ here means ‘holds true’, i.e. can be taken as a set of valid propositions about the patient state.

So a year-old Thyroid test, or vital sign measurement will not be a reliable indicator of today’s thyroid activity or heart-rate - they are only valid statements at the time they are made and for a short time after.

A persistent Composition contains things like problems, medications, family history, vaccination history and so on. If maintained properly, it can be retrieved at any time in the patient’s life and be treated as correct information. Docs often call this ‘longitudinal’ information.

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Thanks @thomas.beale I think it would be great to add that paragraph to the spec, specially the concept of “reliability” of the information which is clearer than “validity” of the information IMHO.