Cluster Archetype 'Environmental Conditions'

Hey everbody,

I’m working on a pneumology use case that links asthma and COPD with environmental factors (among others). Therefore the participants are equipped with a mobile weather station for their homes that consists of an inside module and an outside module. Each module measures temperature and relative humidity. Additionally the inside module records CO2 concentration in the air inside a room and atmospheric pressure.
We also obtain concentrations of air pollutants (e.g. O3, NO2, CO, PM10, PM2.5) measured by the German Environment Agency.

Looking for suitable archetypes, I came across the cluster ‘environmental conditions’ (openEHR-EHR-CLUSTER.environmental_conditions.v0). However, this was originally intended to include in the archetype ‘body temperature’, which is not our observable.

Is it possible to make the ‘environmental conditions’ an OBSERVATION archetype and extend it accordingly?

Thanks for your help,