Clinical Frailty Scale (OBSERVATION.clinical_frailty_scale)

This archetype has been through 1 review round. There seems to be consensus among the reviewers. The archetype will be published soon.

Link to the archetype:

Please reply to this topic if you have any objections or comments.

P.S: There is an ongoing discussion about the use of ordinals vs coded text in clinical scales, Clinical scales - ordinal or coded text?

I think it is probably worth holding off publication until the discussion is resolved :thinking:

I agree to hold off until we get the ordinal vs. coded_text issue clarified.

That was the intent. Hopefully we can get it cleared up pretty soon now. :smile:

We’re considering the discussion to be resolved now. The archetype will be published with the main element as a DV_ORDINAL, with the numeric values removed from the text.

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