CKM search for scores/scales doesn't return expected results

I ran a CKM search for scores / scales, using the archetype search form. The result consisted of 17 archetypes, including things like blood pressure and BMI, but not most of the scores, e.g. ABCD, Barthel etc.

Is there a reliable query to get just the score archetypes? Ping @sebastian.garde :wink:

There is a project. But probably will not be 100%, since it’s manually curated and somewhat arbitrary what a score is.
Also check out the Nedap ‘basis archetypes’ Repo with many scores and scales at

You can

  • search for scale score as free text input and set the search type to “Or”. This will give you 149 archetypes, but likely some false positives (re your intent). This search also returns a hint to the the project that @joostholslag has mentioned already).
  • In the ontology in the Purpose tab tick Scale or score. This is probably what you have done as it returns 17 archetypes.

We should probably go through the 149 archetypes and tag the relevant ones as scale or score in the ontology and/or add them to the project (if there are some missing in the project).


Could we use snomed for this?

yes that’s what I did.

Ideally we need ontology markers on the archetypes… but tagging real scales & scores would be a good start. If I were to do a search for ‘vital signs’ I wonder what I would get… :slight_smile:

Agree, but whereever they are, some kind of maintenance is required.
CKM guides you to tag any new archetype

You mean we either say the concept is an Assessment Scale

like e.g. the Borg Scale and many others?

Or - assuming there is a Snomed code for any relevant scale - we could bind it to the exact Snomed code.
This bit is easy to do now technically (finding the exact code may of course be a challenge occasionally).

However, we’d still need to infer what is what (probably a bit more generically than just xyz IS-A scale) and somehow come up with a meaningful GUI for this. This second part requires a bit more of a machinery.

Sorry for being brief, I meant to bind the concept of the Borg archetype to snomed code: SNOMED International Browser

Which is expressed as being a child of SNOMED International Browser

So you would do a query using snomed terminology server, for 273249006 and it will return all scales (and children of that, including Borg scale).

Probably complex to build, but is a more reliable, maintainable and less labour intensive solution than tagging all archetypes with a ‘scale’ tag.

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The major problem is that coverage of scales and scores is pretty patchy in SNOMED CT, and does require a fair bit of work to add codes to current archetypes. As you said the definition of a score is pretty arbitrary and will be just as much the case in SNOMED

I’d still use the inbuilt CKM ontology and ‘add’ any current scores to the Scales and Scores project. They can be added as references even if they are already ‘owned’ by another project.