Child Growth Chart - Appropriate to use pregnancy summary?


I’m working on a template to support the RCPCH Digital Growth Chart API and am not quite sure whether using the pregnancy summary archetype is appropriate?

That archetype perspective is from the mother - with each infant details clustered. I’m thinking that a Birth Summary archetype may be more appropriate that is directly attributed to the infant’s record? Fields in question:

“birth_date”: “2020-04-12”,
“sex”: “female”,
“gestation_weeks”: 40,
“gestation_days”: 0,

I could use a combination of Birth Summary / Birth Detail, however the Gestational Age does not include days. Suggest tweaking that?

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Hi John,
I get the impression you want to record the details in the ehr of the child. To me pregnancy does not appear to fit that concept.
Could you share the links to the archetypes you were looking at? I assume you had a look at the use/misuse and concept description?


Birth summary
Birth detail
seem more appropriate.

Agree that Gestational age should be extended to support days - maybe create a CR with an adjusted archetype? The Growth Cart use case should be a compelling justification for the change.


CR raised.