Channels - how to make a new, and by who?

New functionality: Now it is possible to have private chats and also Channels. This can replace Slack. But who can make a new channel, and how? I would also prefer to link to a channel in a topic within a discussion in one of the categories to be able to sort of jump out to a channel chat from a topic, and keep it within that topic as a link.

Regards, Vebjørn


Person-to-Person ‘private’ chats are able to be created by anyone who is Trust Level 1 and above (this will be most users) - @trust_level_1 and subsequent trust levels are an inbuilt anti-spam mechanism which Discourse has and they are auto-incremented according to various criteria.

Private chat threshold can be customised

Group chats can only be created by Admins AFAIAA

At the moment chat history is not infinite - it is truncated at 180 days according to your settings here but can be set to retain forever, which might be worth thinking about @thomas.beale

I’m not sure if individual lines of chat are link-addressable in this way but you can experiment


Testing it with @yampeku , it looks great!

I can’t see the chat or channel functionality. Is it still available for TL1s?

I seem to remember @wouterzanen had to have it enabled, presumably by an admin.