Changes in openEHR Terminology XML files

For an upcoming release on Terminology specifications, I am exploring the possibilities and the impact on making small changes in openEHR terminology xml files. These might be trivial as just adding few new attributes (openehr_id, version, status, etc), but there might be a need also to add or rename some nodes (which is considered to be a breaking change). Changes will be however supported by a new XSD (schema) file.

I would like to know if such changes will have an impact on downstream consumers (apps, libraries, tools, etc) of these terminology files, as well as to discuss (with those affected) options to mitigate this impact. Therefore I am asking community, If you use these files, or build code based on their structure, could you contact me or reply on this thread?
Thank you.

I’m using these files to generate code but my solution isn’t in production :blush:

I’ll update my code when a new version of these files is published. They are simple so any breaking change should be easy to fix.


Back on this after a while…

We released 2.4.0 in December, containing a lot of content-additions.
Now I’m working on the upcoming 3.0.0, which will contain changes mentioned above. It is now published as the latest spec, having this model, and the XMLs and XSD in this GitHub repo.

Any feedback is welcome.

Just for fun, you can now find that model in the UML website.

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