Care plan data

Hello, I am new to OpenEHR. So I just wanted to check if it is possible to get care plan data through Free to use & open source or Commercial one?
Basically, the idea is we have to get care plan data either APIs or query APIs.


openEHR is not an application, so there is nothing that you can download and use directly here. It is all about a standardised way of describing and storing structured clinical data, including care planning information. A number of companies, including my own have built or help built care planning applications on top of openEHR-based datastores, so there is experience to tap into.

Can you tell us more about what you mean by ‘care plan data’ as it is a term that can many may different things t different people, and perhaps more about the background to your question?

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Hello Ian,
Sorry for the late reply. I will give more details about Care plan.