Cancer Treatment Plan recommendations

We are doing some work in the area of Cancer Treatment plans and wondering whether we should use existing archetypes (Service request / Medication order etc) or if this area (probably beyond cancer care) merits a different archetype(s).

Our discovery work suggests that the Treatment planning information, though structured, remains at a pretty high-level e.g. it talks about chemotherapy and radiation therapy regimes as against specific medications or radiation dosages. The recording of variation from official protocol or e.g MDT recommendation, is also a significant.

Here is a mindmap of some draft ideas


What composition.category will you use?

Good question!!

Still working this out but right now we are looking at needing 2 flavours of the Treatment plan, both using an identical template

  1. Active plan which is what is actually being delivered and will be an episodic composition.

  2. Draft plan(s) which will be used until the initial plan is agreed with the patient but also when there may be a need to revise the plan ‘in-flight’, without immediately stopping the active plan i.e. there may be a need to run a draft plan (in discussion) alongside the active plan, until that active plan is superceded . There will potentially be multiple instances of this plan over the course of a patient journey.

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Why not use the VERSION.lifecycle_state for that? Where draft ==incomplete.