Can we introduce an example tab for templates in e.g. CKM similiar to simplifier?

I know its a tool from ocean and so on, but i would love to have some compositions connected to each template, so its just a tab and users can add 2-3 examples manually (nothing big like 10-20) . As in my ugly picture.

In fhir this examples helped me tremendously to work with the standard as you have data you can test your app with.

I do love @pablo wonderful tool, but in my case i need ¨correct¨ testdata that is coded and so on.
I also did create some and would love to provide 2-3 example compositions to the template etc. for other people to use.
Im sure it would help a lot of people working on developing openEHR apps etc. as in general we do have a little problem with practical use of openEHR in my opinion.
Maybe there is already smt like that, so let me know.

PS: The CKM already allows entering values inside the template, i think it would be nice if there would be a button ¨generate¨ and get a comp to download.

Alternative would be attaching an example set to the project as an zip.

Non invasive would be defining a community guideline that each project should contain a repository with examples on Git/hub/lab that is to be linked in the description of each template (the repo contains all examples for the project not just for one template)


@SevKohler There is actually a way to attach examples under the “resource center”:

Strong recommendation to make this part of the publication process (which itself is a bit tricky, as the focus in the international CKM is on archetypes, not templates.


Well thats quite hidden, is anyone actually providing that ?

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Hi Severin,

You can see Templates alongside the Archeytpes in some projects where they have been set up as examples or actual templates that were deployed using the project’s own archetype library - see here for the Imaging project.



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Maybe my text was a little bit unclear.
I want sample compositions which @birger.haarbrandt already said can be contained (in the project etc), but no ones uses it as it seems.

I know but where else would you store them.
Better to have all eggs in one basket, sadly no one populates this sample data which makes working with openEHR quite annoying from the dev side.

There is a ‘Resource centre’ associated with each archetype, CKM template and Project.

The ‘Sample Data’ section (third option down in @birger.haarbrandt 's image) is intended to do exactly what you want ( if I haven’t misunderstood completely) - to associate an example of the model in a real-world use case.

Currently it is limited to an .XML upload, which probably demonstrates its’ age, and yes, I don’t think it has ever been used… yet.

Your idea is great but if we can agree what we need, we can make a CKM change request to @sebastian.garde

Associating these examples with a current review would be very useful for me. If anyone saw my efforts to send out links to CKM templates within 3 simultaneous archetype reviews, you will see that it can be very important to link to these examples to provide both implementers and reviewers with practical context.

It makes sense to store these examples within the context of an archetype, template or project, but if we were to start to use this functionality, how should we best expose them so that people can find them. Perhaps another tab with an index function, so that the display could be similar to your pictured example?




Imagine having a CKM tab where a data entry form is generated for a template you are working on.

Modelers could use the form to prepare an example and also get a feel of how the template would look like in an app. Example data would be stored so that modelers don’t have to enter the entire example each time they change the template. It would also be available as a download.

Imagine even further that the data entry form would be available as a download too. It could be run as a standalone app or integrated into an existing application used by end-users.

I believe Nedap is working on having forms generated in their CKM. And from the pre-procurement demos for Region Östergötland I guess the Better, DIPS and Solit-Clouds could adapt their form builders too.


Yes, our editor has a form preview Sign In with Auth0 (available after free signup, but there’s no support;))
The form preview feature is long overdue for an upgrade btw. Currently it’s an old cold duplication of the form renderer in our EHR frontend. We’re looking at making that an app independent react component.