Can the CKM GUI be translated to the user's language?

I’m not sure if the international CKM allows the user to select his/her language for the GUI items, or if we can contribute with translations for the CKM itself to make that possible. Thanks.

I’m guessing the CKM doesn’t support internationalization @sebastian.garde ?

Hi @pablo CKM is internationalised and has been translated/localised into several languages over time.
So, yes in theory it can be translated into more languages as well.

Usually, it is one main language per CKM, but you can actually access the e.g. German or Norwegian translations as well from the international CKM.

It gets a bit tricky in that you need to choose one language as the default for displaying an archetype, and then fallback mechanisms if an archetype doesn’t feature that language - but maybe a more “specialised” one or less “specialised” one (e.g. en-au vs en). This is tricky enough if the primary (server) language is the same as the UI language used by one user, but even more so if the UI language is different to the main server language.
Comments and discussions, log messages, CRs, server generated emails for example are all (usually) in the primary language and that would not change with a different UI language.

Thanks @sebastian.garde I have looked into the international CKM and the HiGHmed CKM and wasn’t able to find where to change the GUI language, I can just see the language selector per archetype. For instance the HiGHmed (German) CKM GUI is in English, and I wanted to check if the international CKM has Spanish translations for taking screenshots for my presentations in Spanish.